League Bowler Tips

Great bowling how to tips for the league bowler.

1. Practice Spares - I can't emphasize enough how important spares are.  Making spares is one of the most important bowling tips that there is.  You can have a great game and throw lots of strikes, but every spare you miss costs you 10+ pins.  You could be on your way to a great 250 game, then miss 2-3 spares, and all of a sudden you're only at 210.

2. Don't get down about the bad shots. - Every once in a while, even the best bowlers, will make bad shots from time to time.  Don't get down on yourself, just bowl one frame at a time, and think about what you need to do next to fix the mistake.  Everyone has bad days too.  If you have a bad day bowling, sometimes you just need to take a couple days off, then get back to it.

3. Practice! - Practice is the most important part of any sport.  You will see a direct correlation between amount of time practicing and your scores.

4. Buy a new ball. - A new ball can definitely improve your game.  A new bowling ball will typically hook more and carry more strikes.

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